martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

wat about .... (imagination is gone)?

um.. punk felt like writting..

like the old story.. onces i heard.. in spite of everthing some things stay.. the moments we lived.. memories that are going to stay in the deepness of our souls.. so nothing can make us forget.. and things we've done is cause we wanted to be.. and in spite of our mistakes.. in spite of our virtues and faults.. i keep inside of me.. the best moments that will stay in the deepness of my soul.. so... we just cant forget wat we alredy did.. and the people who love you, miss you when you're not around.. an so many times we had to be away.. and a inspite of this.. all felt the same.. so nothing can make us forget..

"una noche sali a buscarte.. y solo encontre la luna y las estrellas"

there was always a reason.. trying to revive.. and feel.. better..

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Anónimo dijo...

hahaha Tom i don't get your post but I love you anyway. :P <3 Dani