martes, 21 de agosto de 2007

wat about people that had left?

punk said: man why r u leaving?
friend: man ill go to costarica to study
punk: are u sure u want that?
friend: yeah dude.. is like my dream..
friend: ive always wanted that..
punk: hope u get it dude.. and when i come here ull rock harder than me hahaha
friend: yeah.. but ill miss u and my boys haha
punk: im always here lol just pm..
friend: haha.. :( tomorow is the day...
punk: dont think about it..
punk and remeber good friends are never left behind
friend: man.. can u do me a favor?
friend: call ___ and tell her i didnt want to end this way
friend: and im sorry.. and ill miss her a lot..
punk: ill try man..

why cant people just be happy? i mean.. theres people victim of their own angryness... and sometimes.. we screw people we love.. i mean.. thers a lot of people that touch our lives in so many ways... and for some stupid reason.. we screw it all.. good friends ships.. good realationships.. and then.. we we r going or when we are gone.. or when they r going or gone.. we realise how stupid we were.. punk have lost some people along his way.. some of them were near him even when he thougth they were not there.. and some people who he thougth were there made feel so bad.. and i know is not just a matter of punk.. i know everyone had passed trough that.. punks friends.. and recently someone just said sorry to him for things he did to him.. but when? when leaving?.. guys.. that was late.. i mean he wont be around anymore.. and i kno someone closer to punk is leaving in a few days.. and he really love this person.. is important.. and all punk want to say.. is sorry.. he was an ass.. and now he dont know wat to do.. i guess he can go back in time to where all of that begun.. so remeber this.. try not to be a victim of our own angryness... cause ull never get the time u lost back.. and that time could be great.. and ull regret it.. casue time dont come back.. i know punk have 3 things he would loooove to correct lol.. then he got no regrets...

punk: man this is full of shit.. dont ever use my blog for ur emo things..

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