lunes, 20 de agosto de 2007

wat about punk?

wat about punk? some people call him punk... other people call him juan just j, j r or punki haha, um he likes to have fun and he is so narcisit lol he love him self over all things cept one.. and love to have fun.. but he isnt bad at all always care about people.. and specially people he love... he makes things his way lol even if theres a a good way or a bad way.. he take none of them and makes his way and always end up messing it all and sometimes screwing it.. but at last.. he make it all good in a "forest gump" way lol.. he dont even know how things end up cool for him lol maybe God just love him and he dont know why cause he always fail him lol.. um he dont know wat he is looking for.. and he just think whenever he is its his place to be.. he have met some people along his way.. some of them split some of the stayed.. some of them walk some walk on by, he got a few frieds he'll love till he dies, from all those people he tried to learn.. some of the shine, some of them burn, some of the rise, some of them fall, for good or bad he've known them all.. um he had fun looots of times.. police had tried to arest him 5 times now lol buut as the song says.. if he could he would do all of this again lol.. he got no regrets.. cause whenever he was was his palce to be.. he likes to think he live to figth and figth to live.. his dream is to make a punk rock band eventhough he barely can play guitar lol.. he looks for something else in life.. not just money and succed.. maybe someday.. he will buy a boat and make song and buy a bar near the beach.. and everynigth play that song for someone he loves lol.. but who cares lol.. he is 19.. he was born on 6 of july he had his first b bday this year and no one knew till now.. he wrote a song.. that someday people will hear.. he wants to apear in rocking in mtv.. he like to tell his life stories.. most of them are intresitng he thinks.. someday he'll write them here..he looooves music.. he would die and kill for some groups or people lol.. um he likes alcohol.. specially tequila and vodka!! he looooves tequila lol.. he likes partys and malls.. lol.. he seems to be goo cause he help his friends and go to church everysunday lol.. he believes in God.. and he talks with him everyday.. maybe thats why he got so much luck in life.. God loves him.. he wanst o make money so he is starting a new bussines.. he has enetered in a confusing part of his life lol.. so he just quit university for a while.. he is studying enviromental engineering... um he likes to meet people.. and he knows a lot.. lol he call friends peope he dont even know well lol maybe is a mistake... maybe not.. he got some good friends.. and lately his ayes are feeling heavy but they never seen to close.. lol and eventhough people is next to him he still feels so alone.. hahah jking.. he is narcisist lol and iis inlove with him self.. lol he says he is cool.. hahahaha maybe he is not that cool or maybe hhe is not cool at all.. he dont care.. um rigth now i think he cares about nothing at all..cause all he cared about he cant care anymore lol but he cares or maybe he dont.. lol he dont understand anything about he wrote rigth now.. k lets keep going.. um he goes to gym.. and someday he will have great muscles lol.. um he likes the green color.. he loves the sea and as i said he'll buy a boat.. he got a brother and sister and he really loves them.. someday u all will hear about him lol if i miss something ill publish later :) c ya.. have fun and make peace..

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dow dijo...

It´s a nice description. Narcisism is kinda normal, it doesnt have to traumate you! Its ok if you can see also your weak parts, i think

i luv you husband C: take care and keep writing

Monalissa dijo...

Hablen en espa�ol!!! Maldita sea!!!